A Novel Efficient Remote Data Possession Checking Protocol in
Cloud Storage

As an important application in cloud computing, cloud storage offers user scalable, flexible and high quality data storage and computation services. A growing number of data owners choose to outsource data files to the cloud. Because cloud storage servers are not fully trustworthy, data owners need dependable means to check the possession for their files outsourced to remote cloud servers. To address this crucial problem, some remote data possession checking (RDPC) protocols have been presented. But many existing schemes have vulnerabilities in efficiency or data dynamics. In this paper, we provide a new efficient RDPC protocol based on homomorphic hash function. The new scheme is provably secure against forgery attack, replace attack and replay attack based on a typical security model. To support data dynamics, an operation record table (ORT) is introduced to track operations on file blocks. We further give a new optimized implementation for the ORT which makes the cost of accessing ORT nearly constant. Moreover, we make the comprehensive performance analysis which shows that our scheme has advantages in computation and communication costs. Prototype implementation and experiments exhibit that the scheme is feasible for real applications.

Reference IEEE paper :
“A Novel Efficient Remote Data Possession Checking Protocol in Cloud Storage”, IEEE 2017

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