Administration of Super Specialty Hospital

Administration of Super Specialty Hospital

This system can be used as an application for the hospitals with a Full-featured Web-based medical billing and hospital management software for solo or group practice.This project is aimed to develop a web based Hospital Administration System, which is used to handle all operations in hospitals, and can provide a better service to patients. The purpose of the Super Specialty Hospital is to provide better service to the administration, to automate all the activities of administration.

The entire project has been developed keeping in view of the distributed client server computing technology, in mind. The specification has been normalized up to 3NF to eliminate all the anomalies that may arise due to the database transaction that are executed by the general users and the organizational administration. The user interfaces are browser specific to give distributed accessibility for the overall system. The internal database has been selected as Oracle. The basic constructs of table spaces, clusters and indexes have been exploited to provide higher consistency and reliability for the data storage. The Oracle was a choice as it provides the constructs of high-level reliability and security. The total front end was dominated using the Java J2EE technologies. At all proper levels high care was taken to check that the system manages the data consistency with proper business rules or validations. The database connectivity was planned using the latest ”JDBC Connection” technology provided by Microsoft Corporation. The authentication and authorization was crosschecked at all the relevant stages.

Existing system

In the existing system all the details of the hospital and patients are maintained in the excel sheets. If the details of the hospital registered in one location the management working on the other location of same organization cannot access the information. It’s a time delay process. And maintaining all the records in Excel sheets is difficult. If they want any record they has to search all the records.

The whole process is now manually controlled. This requires maintaining the records of the queries coming from the employees in the paper.

Proposed system

The present system is an automated system which has more features than the existing manually controlled system. The administrator of the hospital can access the information of the hospital and patients at any time from any place. And also the administrator can access the information of abroad and branches of same organization through online. We provide security for the system by giving authentication to every user. The billing will be automatically generated based on the facilities used by the patient. This system has easy to easy interface to the user who can easily navigate through the system.

Unique ID:  SBW15001

Domain : Web Application

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