E-Android: A New Energy Profiling Tool for Smartphones

Energy Profiling Tool for Smartphones

As the limited battery lifetime remains a major factor restricting the applicability of a smartphone, Energy Profiling Tool is trending area now, so significant research efforts have been devoted to understand the energy consumption in smartphones. Existing energy modelling methods can account energy drain in a fine-grained manner and provide well designed human-battery interfaces for users to characterise energy usage of every app in smartphones. However, in this paper, we demonstrate that there are still pitfalls in current Android energy modelling approaches, leaving collateral energy consumption unaccounted. The existence of collateral energy consumption becomes a serious energy bug. In particular, those energy bugs could be exploited to launch a new class of energy attacks, which deplete battery life and sidestep the supervision of current energy accounting. To unveil collateral energy bugs, we propose E-Android to accurately profile energy consumption of a smartphone in a comprehensive manner.


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