Why Android?

  • Android powers millions of mobile devices around the world.
  • Android have largest installed base than any other mobile OS platform and it's growing everyday.
  • Android gives you world class platform for mobile application and game development to it's largest user base.
  • Androi's openness has made it favorite for consumers and deverlopers.
  • Android gives you more opportunity for research and project development.

Android Projects

Medical Helper

Android Based Self Attendance System Using OTP

Vehicle Toll Payment System

Automated Canteen Ordering System using Android

Android Chatbot & Helpdesk Project

Railway Ticket Booking System Using QR Codes

Android Campus Recruitment System

Personal Nutritionist Using FatSecret API

Android Query Generator

Mobile Based Attendance System

Face Detection Using Mobile Vision API

Railway Ticket Booking System Using Qr Code

Restaurant Table Booking Android Application

Android Attendance System Using RFID

Secure File Sharing Using Access Control

Video Encryption & Sharing

Step Counter App

Android Boat Crossing Game App

Calorie Calculator & Suggester Android App

Android Text Encryption Using Various Algorithms

Advanced Tour Guide

Android Attendance System

Public News Droid

Android Task Monitoring

Product Review Analysis For Genuine Rating

Campus Portal With Graphical Reporting

Crime Reporter & Missing Person Finder

Android Based School Bus Tracking System

Musical Instrument Store Project

Android Based Vehicle Tracking Project

Android Book Store Project

Smart Alarm System

Android Based Electronic Appliance Comparison Project

Customer Relationship Management App

Graphical Information System

Android Group Expense Tracker Application

Smart Health Consulting Android System

Expense Tracker

Patient Tracker

Employee Tracker

Tourist Guide Project

Android AI Diet Consultant

Blood Bank

Mobile Quiz Through WiFi

Voting System

Bus Pass Android Project

Hotel Reservation Android

Android Bluetooth Chat

Android Based Parking Booking System

Photo Viewer Android Project

Android Inventory Tracker

Electricity Bill Payment Project

Tour & Travel Agency Project

Grocery Shopping Android

Furniture Shopping

Android Ecommerce application