Broad Walk

Broad Walk


The  project  entitled  “BROADWALK DEALERS NETWORK”  is  developed  for  organization. The developed  system  helps  the  organization  to  receive  orders  through  online  for product tiles  that  can  be  supplied  by  the  organization.

This Activity includes three modules customers, dealers and administrator. Customer  module  facilitates  the  customers  to  place  order  through  online, and  can  view  catalog  information  provide  by  organization. In this  module  each  customer  order  will  be  verified  to  determine  whether  author  dealer  existing  in  the area  specified  by  customer. If  dealer  existing  then  the  customer  order  will  be  redirected  to  corresponding  dealer  otherwise  those  orders  will  be  registered  as  direct  customers  orders  to  Administrator. Administrator  module  facilitates  the  Administrator  to  view  direct  customers  order  status, dealers  order  status  and  also  to  maintain  transport charges  info  and  products  catalog  information. Administrator can also appoint new dealer and remove existing Dealer.

Existing System

In  current  system  the  organization  of  HMR Electronics  receiving  orders  from  customers  and  dealers through  tele-services  and  postal services and  maintaining  the  related  details  manually. The current system is paper based. Due to lack of Communication Company loosing its orders and they are unable to dispatch registered orders as per customers and dealers requirements. Also due to unavailability of  sufficient information  about  organization  Customers  sending  their  orders  directly  to  organization  even  though  authorized dealer  existing  in  their  area. And  also  due  to  lack  of  communication  organization  is  not  able  to  provide  updated  catalog  information  to  dealers  and  customers.

Limitations  of  the  Existing system:

  • Enormous amount of time consuming for receiving orders.
  • Errors can occur during registration of orders through teleservices.
  • Maintaining details of various customers and dealers manually is complex.
  • Difficult to generate required reports.

Proposed System

A proposed system  has  been  devised  for  the  company  for  receiving  orders  online. This system is  to  provide  the  customer  with  order  form  and  in  turn   receives  order  from  customer  as  well  as  his  information. customer  can  place  order  by  viewing  catalog  provided  by  the  Administrator and customer  order  can  be  redirected  to  that  dealer. Administrator  maintains  catalog  information  for  providing  to  Dealers  and  Customers  differently. Administrator  can  change  the  products  information, add  new  product, and  remove  any  product’s  information  from  the  catalog. This system is to enable the applicants to apply for dealership. These  applications  are  valid  for  only  6 months  from  the  date  of  applying. Administrator  whenever  needs  to  appoint  new  dealer  for  particular  area  verifies  applications  received  from  that  area  and  Basing  on  the  Marketing  Experience  of  the  applicants  Administrator  will  appoint  the  new  dealer. After  appointing  the  dealer, Administrator  send Dealer id  and  password  to  the  newly  appointed  dealer.

Unique ID: SBW0004

Domain: Web Application

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