Cargo Management System

Cargo Management System


Cargo Management System is cargo to market the goods, to find the requires raw materials buy them. Once a raw materials is purchased. It’s calculated in the bills payables settle online payments. At the time of arrival of raw material, Electronic weighting scale is used to capture the weights of raw materials in to the computers.

The system is developed for a valid user id and password, and no body can enter the official section.  Also to minimize the overhead of repeating for userid and password each and every time the user move to next page, we are using the concept of session and cookies where a user id and password are stored in temporary file which get deleted automatically as user logs out.  Like this there is no need to enter the userid and password on each and every page also protecting it with asking for user id and password as a login page.

Existing System:

In the existing system everything is manual.  Occurrence of errors is more while accessing the data.  Data maintenance creates a problem.  Editing or modifying a record required way is not possible.  Creation of entries and reports is problematic.  The system is irregular and inefficient due to lack of uniformity.

Proposed system:

To overcome the difficulties of an offline system, which requires lot of human intervention and lot of time and money, cargo maintainces is looking for web application over Internet. The computerized “Online System” has many benefits over the manual system.  The time consumption in achievement of tasks in case of computerized system is much less than the manual system.  Maintenance of number of files is generally reduced.  Cost of retrieving the data is reduced.Retrieving the data in a desired manner is possible.  Manual work is reduced.  Retrieval and access of data is easy.  Transactions are processed quickly and easily.  Information sharing becomes quite easy.

Unique ID : SBW15007

Domain : Web Application

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