Credit Card Approval and Monitoring System

Credit Card Approval and Monitoring System


A Project entitled “Credit Card Approval and Monitoring System” is to provide the services like a user can register for a credit card, they can purchase the items from various stores by using that card and they can search/view/modify on a existing card.

The present system tells that the users take loans on banks. It is the risky process for customers because protecting that large amount of money and carrying is most difficult. In this system security for money is less

In the proposed system banks provide credit cards to customers. The banks provide these cards based on customers assets. Then customers can purchase goods by using these cards and repaying these amounts by monthly. If any user can’t repay the amounts perfectly then the banks have rights to block those customers accounts.

Existing system:

Before the Creditcard came into existence, customers of a bank had to wait in long queues and for long hours just to get simple banking transactions like money withdraw. This was very time consuming and even boring process. The time used for this kind of simple works could have been used in more important works. The customer may be out shopping away from his bank and needs to know his account balance then there was no possibility, for checking balance the customer had to go all the way to his bank.

Proposed system:

Proposed system is entirely computer based one.  In this all data is entered into computer and stored it allows to store large amount of data.  Since the system is developed to provide visual environment, it is very easy for the evaluator to get understand and work on it.

Unique ID : SBW15014

Domain : Web Application

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