Introduction :

Much like traditional counciling, eCounciling can help with a wide variety of problems, including stress related problems, family problems, grief and loss, anger management, anxieties and phobias, abuse, job loss and most major life changes.

Existing System:

The existing system is loaded with discrepancies.  All these occur due to the manual work done throughout the system.  Manual operations derive inefficient process and information with average accuracy.

The main drawbacks of the system are:

  • Inefficient approach
  • Delay in appointment scheduling
  • They may charge high for counciling

The existing system has inefficiencies regarding counseling for the customers.  The customer has to send the required information about him/her to the administrator, so that administrator should provide security for the customer without leaking his/her information. Some times customer has to interact with the respective counselor for that it may take lot of time consuming so all these will affect the accuracy and also the pace of execution of the counseling.

Appointment for the Interaction between counselor and counselee may take lot of time.  Each phase will take considerable time in completing the process defined. Appointment for the customer is being delayed.  The customers are not updated in the counseling execution. Before interaction we should check the credit card validity.

Customers are not aware of their type of problem and the execution of process.  They should get respective counseling according to their problem. So we should check all these feasibilities

Proposed System:

The proposed system is designed based on the objectives prepared to fulfill the existing systems drawbacks.  The system design concentrates on deriving efficient process flow which uses optimum resources and deliver maximum results.  The system concentrates on cost estimation, instant access of information effective human resource management and customer servicing.

The application design provides centralized data accessibility with high security which avoids the blackmailing of the customer the current system provides analytical reports which enables the counseling to forecast the process efficiently and develop the growth rate of the organization with high customer satisfaction.  The system should update every information which services the customer with better counseling. The proposed system uses the latest technology which customizes and makes the development process of the application very easier and effective.

The proposed system nullifies most of the discrepancies that arise in the existing system.  The advantages of the proposed system over the exiting system are as follows:

  • High level security
  • Instant data access
  • Consistent Process Approach
  • Technology integration
  • On-line transaction

In this system the customer can do his transactions online.  He is well aware of the counseling process throughout the system. He is able to know the charges, availability of counselors and other details, online.

Unique ID : SBW15017

Domain : Web Application

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