Fashion Management System

Fashion Management System

Introduction :

The main aim of the project is to select the models based on the client requirement. The client can choose any model among the list. Client can send message to the administrator. The administrator can send all the information related to the customer to the model. The model can accept particular client and send information. The administrator can maintained number models and the information related to the particular model. Whether the model is interested to act on a client advertisement, she can select the client information otherwise she can reject client information.

Existing System:

In the existing system everything is manual. The client information and models information are to be stored in the paper based format and more time will be taken to send message from one place to the another place. There is no login for the new models they first contact with the admin and the admin can enter their information .

Proposed System:

In  the proposed system all the information is to be maintained in the computer based online system.

Unique ID : SBW15021

Domain : Web Application

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