Feature Rich Customisable Bookshelf

Feature Rich Customisable Bookshelf


This system provides immediate access to fully searchable technical content from leading publishers for problem solving, learning and skill enhancement. Online video provides expert instruction on web design, software development, graphics tools, and desktop applications training.

Search technology identifies the specific information you are looking for. Simply type in a word or phrase and you’re instantly brought to the section of the book that pertains to what you’re looking for.

Existing System:

The Current System is a manual system which is not totally computerized especially in libraries and general book stores. The system takes lots of time in performing different activities, and there is no data handling. There is no integration in the current system upon common data format. There is no report generation of the particular customers account details.

Limitations in Existing System:

  • There is complete manual system in entering customers data and handling it.
  • There is no centralized database maintenance.
  • There is no easy access to the particular customers record.
  • The customer cannot easily navigate through the database.

 Proposed System:

The Proposed system is a browser based application which is completely related to internet browsing. The web enabled information management system designed to automate the entire operations of a modern. This maintains and controls the stock details and does online billing and generates various online reports. This system allows multi-divisional, multi-department system handling that includes various activities. In this system it gives the entire reports of the customer’s account and there details.

Unique ID : SBW15022

Domain : Web Application

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