Identity Based Data Outsourcing with Comprehensive Auditing in Clouds

Identity Based Data Outsourcing with Comprehensive Auditing in

Cloud storage system provides facilitative file storage and sharing services for distributed clients. To address integrity, controllable outsourcing and origin auditing concerns on outsourced files, we propose an identity-based data outsourcing (IBDO) scheme equipped with desirable features advantageous over existing proposals in securing outsourced data. First, our IBDO scheme allows a user to authorize dedicated proxies to upload data to the cloud storage server on her behalf, e.g., a company may authorize some employees to upload files to the company’s cloud account in a controlled way. The proxies are identified and authorized with their recognizable identities, which eliminates complicated certificate management in usual secure distributed computing systems. Second, our IBDO scheme facilitates comprehensive auditing, i.e., our scheme not only permits regular integrity auditing as in existing schemes for securing outsourced data, but also allows to audit the information on data origin, type and consistence of outsourced files. Security analysis and experimental evaluation indicate that our IBDO scheme provides strong security with desirable efficiency.

Reference IEEE paper:
“Identity-Based Data Outsourcing with Comprehensive Auditing in Clouds”, IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security, 2017.

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