Why Java?

  • Java is free and open source programming language.
  • Platform Independence so used in building android apps, web applications, software tools and scientific applications.
  • Java Programs can run on several different types of computer hence Easy to write and easy to run.
  • Object oriented programming language.
  • Java is found in mobiles, desktops and large-scale industry servers and cloud applications.

Java Projects

Online Examination System

Mobile Online Examination System

Online Recruitment

Dairy Management System

Tour & Travel Management application

Online Ticket Reservation System

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Digital Image Watermarking

Face recognition

Online Rental House

Noise Reduction by Image Filtering

Job Portal Management

Online Mobile Voting

Image Compression & Decompression

Digital Encryption System

Secure Data Transmission

Online Help Desk

Contract Labour Management System

Book Online Doctor

Steganography in audio files

Online Real Estate management