Music Catalog Order Processing Latest Mini Project

Music Catalog Order Processing Latest Mini Project


The World Wide Web is an attractive target to many attackers. It has a lot of valuable information that can easily be accessed to a person with the right knowledge. With the increasing number of electronic commerce sites popping up every day, we are very concerned with the security of transactions.

Now a day’s Media accepts orders by credit card only. No checks, money orders or PayPal at this time. To place a credit card order, we are implementing a music catalog order processing system which user web services for credit card processing. This is an online system which is maintaining a centralised database any one can access any time.

In this site we will address some of the security issues and solutions for web developers to implement when creating e-commerce sites. We have discussed ways to secure your server, protect the network from outside intrusion, and the use of digital certificates to secure transactions. We have also listed some software solutions we recommend that can be beneficial to your site.

Existing System

The present system is manually operated system money payments all are going through checks or DD’s. There is no reliability for those transactions. We don’t know where the money received or not.

Limitations in Existing System

  • Information of processing is a very big process.
  • No security for the money you paid.
  • Report generation will be a big task.

Proposed System

The Proposed system is a browser which is completely related to online system, which provides the centralized database. It stores data and description of the particular Music data. It can also create reports based on the information in its database.

Unique ID : SBW15038

Domain : Web Application

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