Netpod Project with Source Code | Mini Projects

Netpod Project with Source Code | Mini Projects

Introduction :

“Netpod Project” main aim is to provide an Internet based client application for sharing of files among the branches of a company. An Internet based solution becomes feasible when the branches of a company are distributed in such a way that connecting them using a dedicated Local Area Network (LAN) becomes infeasible.

An Internet based solution’s feasibility is unquestionable as authorisation can be provided for the secure access of information by asking the user for username and password and the ease of connecting a computer to the Internet makes the solution simple and efficient.


In existing system, files like music files (e.g. MP3), movie files, take long time to get downloaded. They are not shared. Only one user can access the file at a time (i.e. a file for downloading).

Disadvantages of Existing System:

  • Files are not shared.
  • Takes Long Time to get downloaded.
  • Only one user can access a file at a time


NetPOD project is an Internet based file sharing client application which allows support for groups creation and maintenance. It copies the files to the user’s local system from which he has logged on to the network. The application also acts like a spy which observes all the copied files for changes and responds to any change by saving the changes to the respective files located on the server. Privileges can also be assigned to users blocking specific users to access certain files

Unique ID : SBW15039

Domain : Web Application

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