On the Security of Data Access Control for Multi-authority Cloud
Storage Systems

Data access control has becoming a challenging issue in cloud storage systems. Some techniques have been proposed to achieve the secure data access control in a semi trusted cloud storage system. Recently, K.Yang et al.proposed a basic data access control scheme for multi-authority cloud storage system (DAC-MACS) and an extensive data access control scheme (EDAC-MACS). They claimed that the DAC-MACS could achieve efficient decryption and immediate revocation and the EDAC-MACS could also achieve these goals even though non-revoked users reveal their Key Update Keys to the revoked user. However, through our cryptanalysis, the revocation security of both schemes cannot be guaranteed. In this paper, we first give two attacks on the two schemes. By the first attack, the revoked user can eavesdrop to obtain other users’ Key Update Keys to update its Secret Key, and then it can obtain proper Token to decrypt any secret information as a non-revoked user. In addition, by the second attack, the revoked user can intercept Ciphertext Update Key to retrieve its ability to decrypt any secret information as a non-revoked user. Secondly, we propose a new extensive DAC-MACS scheme (NEDAC-MACS) to withstand the above two attacks so as to guarantee more secure attribute revocation. Then, formal cryptanalysis of NEDAC-MACS is presented to prove the security goals of the scheme. Finally, the performance comparison among NEDAC-MACS and related schemes is given to demonstrate that the performance of NEDAC-MACS is superior to that of DACC, and relatively same as that of DAC-MACS.

Reference IEEE paper:
“On the Security of Data Access Control for Multi authority Cloud Storage Systems”, IEEE Transactions on Services Computing, 2017

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