Online Flight Reservation System : Airlines reservations

Online Flight Reservation System : Airlines reservations

Introduction :

The project entitled “Online Flight Reservation System : Airlines reservations” is to provide the online Reservation of Domestic and International Flights and also provides the time schedule of all the flights.

The function booking ticket will accept the requirements of the customers and facilitates and then verifies whether the requested number of tickets for a flight can be booked or not using travel information function. If tickets are available then the requested services are provided. Eventually this function displays the appropriate flights information for selection.

When you run this project in the first page user can view the time schedules of the International and domestic flights with pairs.

In this system the user login and select the type of the flight like International or Domestic then they enters the reservation details like starting point to destination. If the seats are available for that category then it gives the conformation to the user. User can download the tickets.

Existing system:

Currently, whenever a person wants to travel by air, he has to go to the booking counter to book the ticket which was a very tedious task because the person needs to enquire booking or postponing of the ticket and for that the clerk has to search all the records present, manually one by one due to which other’s would be waiting for their turn for a long time.

Proposed system:

In order to eliminate the drawbacks of the existing system, a system has been developed due to which the person need not spend much time in booking, the ticket and instead server is built that takes care of every transaction thereby reducing the burden on customer and the clerk.

Unique ID :  SBW15002

Domain: Web Application

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