Privacy Protection based Access Control Scheme in Cloud-based

With the rapid development of the computer technology, cloud-based services have become a hot topic. Cloud based services not only provide users with convenience, but also bring many security issues. Therefore, the study of access control scheme to protect users’ privacy in cloud environment is of great significance. In this paper, we present an access control system with privilege separation based on privacy protection (PS-ACS). In the PS-ACS scheme, we divide the users into personal domain (PSD) and public domain (PUD) logically. In the PSD, we set read and write access permissions for users respectively. The Key-Aggregate Encryption (KAE) is exploited to implement the read access permission which improves the access efficiency. A high degree of patient privacy is guaranteed simultaneously by exploiting an Improved Attribute-based Signature (IABS) which can determine the users’ write access. For the users of PUD, a hierarchical attribute-based encryption (HABE) is applied to avoid the issues of single point of failure and complicated key distribution. Function and performance testing result shows that the PS-ACS scheme can achieve privacy protection in cloud based services.

Reference IEEE paper :
“Privacy Protection based Access Control Scheme in Cloud-based Services”, IEEE 2017.

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  1. want the literature survey and the functional requirements for privacy protection based access control scheme in cloud based services

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