Study on Corona Activity Using an Image Processing Approach

Study of Corona Activity using an Image Processing Approach

In the present work, behaviour of corona discharges on the polymeric insulating sample, generated from a multiple needle electrode in the presence of normal air and fog (mist) condition, is studied with the aid of an image processing technique. The development of streamers is closely monitored using the high-resolution digital single lens reflection camera. The corona streamers were found to be concentrated in the presence of fog whereas without the fog, streamers spread was wider. A physical model is proposed to explain the observed phenomenon. The obtained digital corona images are processed in the YCbCr color space to effectively extract corona generated plasma using color thresholding method. The streamer spread angle is then calculated by applying the Hough transform technique. The results indicate that streamer spread angle in the presence of fog to be approximately 60% lower than that without fog.

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