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Image Editor Mini Project

Introduction :

The project “Image Editor” is developed for processing of images in order to improve the quality of the images. The intension of project is applying new look to an existing image. The images are taken to new look by adjusting brightness and contrast, changing the color. The system displays the coordinates of the pixel where mouse points to the image. It provides user friendly GUI so that people are attracted. When the beauty of the picture is lost, the user need not to worry as he/she can get his/her old picture and also can improve on it. It has the following features.

  • Opening an image file
  • Applying Mean filter, Median filter
  • Adjusting brightness and contrast
  • Converting an image to negative and vice-versa
  • Applying RGB color system to the image
  • Rotating an image
  • Saving the edited image

Proposed System:

This entire system needs to be performed from a single GUI tool. The user should feel convenient when he interacts with the system. The system should provide RGB color system, so that user can apply colors to the image.

The proposed system should have the following modules:

  1. File operations
  2. Editing the image
  3. RGB color system
  4. Coordinates and Rotation
  5. Filters

Unique ID : SBW15027

Domain : Web Application

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Image Reranking based on Topic Diversity


Social media sharing websites allow users to annotate images with free tags, which significantly contribute to the development of the web image retrieval. Tag-based image search is an important method to find images shared by users in social networks. However, how to make the top ranked result relevant and with diversity is challenging. In this paper, we propose a topic diverse ranking approach for tag-based image retrieval with the consideration of promoting the topic coverage performance. First, we construct a tag graph based on the similarity between each tag. Then community detection method is conducted to mine the topic community of each tag. After that, inter-community and intra-community ranking are introduced to obtain the final retrieved results. In the inter-community ranking process, an adaptive random walk model is employed to rank the community based on the multi-information of each topic community. Besides, we build an inverted index structure for images to accelerate the searching process. Experimental results on Flickr dataset and NUS-Wide datasets show the effectiveness of the proposed approach.


Image Re-ranking based on Topic Diversity”,  IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 2017

Unique ID -SBI1085


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Automatic Generation of Social Event Storyboard from Image Click-through Data

Introduction :

Recent studies have shown that a noticeable percentage of web search traffic is about social events. While traditional websites can only show human-edited events, in this paper we present a novel system to automatically detect events from search log data and generate storyboards where the events are arranged chronologically. We chose image search log as the resource for event mining, as search logs can directly reflect people’s interests. To discover events from log data, we present a Smooth Nonnegative Matrix Factorization framework (SNMF) which combines the information of query semantics, temporal correlations, search logs and time continuity. Moreover, we consider the time factor an important element since different events will develop in different time tendencies. In addition, to provide a media-rich and visually appealing storyboard, each event is associated with a set of representative photos arranged along a timeline. These relevant photos are automatically selected from image search results by analyzing image content features. We use celebrities as our test domain, which takes a large percentage of image search traffics. Experiments consisting of web search traffic on 200 celebrities, for a period of six months, show very encouraging results compared with handcrafted editorial storyboards.

Reference IEEE paper:

Automatic Generation of Social Event Storyboard from Image Click-through Data”, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS FOR VIDEO TECHNOLOGY, 2017.

Unique ID -SBI1084

DomainImage Processing

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The passenger flow counting research of subway video based on image processing.

In view of the traditional transportation passenger flow statistics methods are rough statistics on passenger flow, and it can’t get statistical data of passenger flow in a certain period of time immediately, so the passenger flow counting method of subway video based on image processing is proposed. Firstly take the characters obtained by the background subtraction method in the video as the statistical target, and then extract of the human figure outline and do the morphology processing, finally use the method of the connected domain to achieve the statistical effect of the intelligent number. Experimental results show that, the number of statistics is very accurate.

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Study of Corona Activity using an Image Processing Approach

In the present work, behaviour of corona discharges on the polymeric insulating sample, generated from a multiple needle electrode in the presence of normal air and fog (mist) condition, is studied with the aid of an image processing technique. The development of streamers is closely monitored using the high-resolution digital single lens reflection camera. The corona streamers were found to be concentrated in the presence of fog whereas without the fog, streamers spread was wider. A physical model is proposed to explain the observed phenomenon. The obtained digital corona images are processed in the YCbCr color space to effectively extract corona generated plasma using color thresholding method. The streamer spread angle is then calculated by applying the Hough transform technique. The results indicate that streamer spread angle in the presence of fog to be approximately 60% lower than that without fog.

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